Wireless Networking Problems and Possible Solutions

Wireless Networking Problems and Possible Solutions

When you are facing the problem that your computer/laptop is not working fine with wireless connection and you don’t know what is the problem. It is annoying when that occurs to your home PC, but it is adverse and terrible if it arises in your commercial enterprise network.

Wireless Networking Problems

If you are being able to deal with most network troubles, you can shop a lot of time and make money with the aid of handling those matters yourself. Here are the various common network troubles and their solutions.

Wireless network shows the signal but failed connection:

Wireless networking is an excellent way to ensure that your employees are capable of accessing all the important documents while moving all around without any bond of wires or cables. However, a few notebooks and computer systems often display full signals from the wifi router but still facing connection failed problem. If you encounter this trouble, try putting the laptop near to the wifi router and notice whether now the connection is working fine or not. If it is working fine, then it shows a trouble with the gadget hardware. A network often receives a sturdy signal but would not spread it as efficiently. Updating the TL WN727n Driver may solve this problem.

Network interruptions and inaccessible documents:

In case you face a high quantity of network interruptions or you find your employee unable to get access to files, which have to be accessed to, you are probably experiencing a NETBIOS conflict. This trouble has a tendency to be in most of the older systems, especially if they use windows NT, however this trouble exists in other systems also. If you have upgraded to a brand new service, you are likely to face this issue than previously. You could skip this trouble by disabling wins/NETBT call decision except it’s far required by a selected software. You could also rename a PC or domain to resolve some naming troubles.

IP conflicts:

By default, windows provide one unique IP address to each computer/device. But, sometimes, it may occur that different devices are assigned the same IP address by windows. In this situation, the network might block one of the gadget’s IP, which prevents to get access to the network. You could keep away from this problem by updating your DHCP setup to make sure that static IP addresses are assigned to each device. This will reconfigure IP addresses accurately and all devices on the network will be getting the right of entry to that they should be getting.

Slow Reaction time for Applications:

Another issue in business networks is a slow reaction of applications, especially quickly after a laptop starts off or connects to a network. This is often a signal of excessive bandwidth use. You must carry out a time examine of your employees to ensure they are not viewing too many films via downloading large documents. Imposing convenient network use may be a very good manner of retaining your bandwidth use in hand. If they are using the network connection nicely, you might not have the quantity of bandwidth you want to function your commercial enterprise. In this situation, you ought to upgrade your network to correctly suit your increasing enterprise wishes.

These common networking issues can harm any commercial enterprise, but they may be effortlessly resolved within few seconds. You could use the recommendation given above to resolve these minor issues and free up your networking problems from different extra extensive issues.