Trademark Assistant: What’s the Responsibilities?

Trademark is a particular sign, design or expression that helps to identify products or services from the similar ones. A trademark can be owned by a person, an enterprise or any legal entity. A trademark attorney is a lawyer who consults his clients on how to register and guard their design and trademarks.

A law school grad who is willing to become a trademark attorney needs to match certain requirements such as owning a proper education, working as a trainee with an employer like a private practice firm or a large company and passing professional exams. If you can’t find a suitable job position or you aren’t ready to pass professional exams, but your desire to become a trademark attorney is still very hard, you may try to find a trademark assistant job here.

Today, we’re going to share a list of the trademark assistant’s responsibilities. So who is he and what does he do?

Who is a Trademark Assistant?

trademark assistant job A trademark assistant or a paralegal is a specialist who deals with trademark legal issues under the guidance of a licensed trademark attorney. He doesn’t practice law, as he isn’t a licensed specialist, but he can assist an attorney in fulfilling his job duties. For instance, he may apply for a trademark protection for names and logos with the UK Patent and Trademark Office or handle cases to find out who has rights to various trademarks.

Trademark Assistant’s Responsibilities Classification

The responsibilities of a trademark assistant can be divided into three categories:

  • Legal duties;
  • Monitoring trademark use;
  • Office responsibilities.

    Legal Duties

When a trademark attorney needs to register a mark or a design, he starts with a thorough background search. He often asks a trademark assistant to help him in doing such kind of research by performing deep Internet background search to see whether a trademark or design is a unique one and check local and state business listings.

Monitoring Trademark Use

Sometimes, trademark attorneys may be asked to search the world wide web to guard a certain trademark against infringement. For instance, he can search the world wide web or check competitors to find out whether they are incorrectly using one of the client’s trademarks.

Office Responsibilities

trademark assistant jobTrademark assistants can also do a certain office work: they may answer phone calls, make appointments, respond to email correspondence, maintain a schedule of all deadlines and do other office duties.

This is a short list of duties and responsibilities that an average trademark assistant has to fulfill. We hope that after having read our post you’ll be able to get a general notion about trademark assistant’s responsibilities.