Making Delicious Pizzas with Square Pizza Stone

The process of making delicious pizzas for your family and guests can be perfected with square pizza stone. Frankly speaking there is no magic involved in it. Al you need is the right combination of ingredients, bit of baking expertise, good quality pizza stone and a reliable source of heat. Using the square pizza stone it is possible to bake your foods in an oven or a grill with equal ease. You may also try the traditional charcoal based heating stove to bake your foods.

Versatility of the Square Pizza Stone

The versatility of the square pizza stone can be experienced when you are hosting a big party for your guests. You will be obviously in a hurry to get the food delivered on time. So you need the support of a stone which can optimize the flour baking, crate the right quality of gluten, extract the optimum color, enhance the heat retention and distribution elevate the greasiness, increase the holding capacity and mellow all the ingredients uniformly.

  • It is not just the baking of pizza which matters for the taste, but also the way in which the fillings are cooked to perfection. In some instances you may use pre cooked veggies, chicken, meat and other filling ingredients. In these cases the stone should have the right heat distribution properties. This can prevent the filling ingredients from burning out prematurely. At the same time the stone has to inject the right amount of heat into the uncooked ingredients to make them crispy. This is a dual purpose application which can be perfected only with the help of square pizza stone.
  • You should be able to control the temperature at various stages of pizza preparation. For example the volume of heat required in the initial stage of baking the flour may be more. At the later stages it may become moderate. In the crust formation stage it may increase, but only moderately. You need to take care of balancing the pizza between under baking and burning out. This sort of control can be applied with the square pizza stone perfectly.
  • Moisture elimination is one of the primary criteria for ensuring high quality pizza. In some cases the mushrooms may retain excessive moisture when they are used after opening the can. This can result in sponge-effects, leading to poor quality of pizza preparation. Hence the stone should be able to extract the excess moisture and eliminate it. But moisture at high temperature can cause damages to the stone. The square pizza stone with its pore structure and Thermarite material has the properties to withstand all the stresses and eliminate the moisture through its pores.
  • The heat injection and distribution properties of the stone needs to be different for a thick bed pizza and a thin bed pizza. Hand tossed pizzas come in various grades of curst and outer layer coloring and browning parameters. All these factors can be effectively balanced when you opt for the square pizza stone from CastElegance.