Fundamentals of Drs Note for Faking Illness

One of the fundamental rules which govern the creation of drs note is the accuracy of details you provide. The names of medical center and the doctor are considered to be critical. You need to make sure they are genuine. There is an easy way of doing it. Open the online yellow pages and search for the local list of medical centers. Choose any one of them and click on it. You can see the address, phone number and the list of physicians who work for that center. Copy one of the names with the center name and address. Paste them at appropriate places in the drs note. Fill up the remarks/treatment details. Check and change the alignments to fit into A4 size paper. Take a print and get it signed by your friend or family member on behalf of the doctor. Now the drs note is ready to be given to your employer/school.

Illness Types in the Drs Note

dr note template
You may choose to fake any type of illness, provided it doesn’t qualify for your termination of job! It is better to avoid critical or terminal diseases as they can boomerang in the long run. Always choose an illness which your mind and body could handle within a span of few days or weeks. Jaundice, food poisoning, backache, typhoid, hay fever, throat allergy and stomach disorder are some of the manageable illnesses. Avoid any of the skin related disorders as they can be contagious in nature. You boss may choose to grant you a long golden handshake.

  • Learn to fake the symptoms of your illness two to three days before you want to take the break. For example throat allergy could begin with difficulty in swallowing solid food. So you need to consume only pure water and fruit juices. You need to fake difficulty in talking and switch to sign language with your boss and colleagues. You might get to throw up lot of fluids, so keep using the bathroom frequently. I effect you are setting the stage for the drama about to unfold.
  • On the previous evening of your planned break, tell your boss about your difficulty in concentrating on your work. He may ask you to take an early break and go home. Don’t forget to tell him about the probability of your health worsening on the next day. Also tell him if you are unable to come on the next day, you shall call and inform. The first part of drama is complete.

After Effects of Dr Note Template

drs note

  • Next day you can call your boss and tell him you will be unable to come to work. In probabilities he will accept for the first day. Start preparing the drs note and get it printed. You may extend your “off” for the next two days. If there is any call on your cell phone from your office, you can ask your brother or sister to handle it. Or your wife can also help you since your are unable to talk over phone! Once your task of preparing dr note template is complete, you can mail to your boss.