Functional Marvels of Real Estate at Port Royal

Construction and design of the real estate homes at Port Royal has incorporated the functional and luxurious aesthetics features. By the functional parameters you get protection from environmental elements, intruders and mishaps from fire, power lines problems, water leakage and structural damages. At the same time the architecture is reinforced with strong structures for ensuring long life of the building. Luxurious aspects include space for private garden, swimming pool, water fountains and other aesthetic elements.

Real Estate at Port Royal

Architectural Deign

Port Royal Naples Florida is home to luxury apartments, condos and villas of all sizes and shapes. You can plan your home according to your family requirement and investment plan.

  • Maximum living space with open end architectural design for accommodating inbuilt furniture and fixtures are the main features of the homes here. This is finely combined with the interior design features to provide the best of luxurious appeals to the living rooms, drawing rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • The space within your home is covered by the ceiling, floor and the walls. While creating them the architects have taken the aspects of texture, color and style of projections. Classical style plain walls make a difference with the combination of color and wall texture alone. Whereas the walls of modern homes bring in an element of 3D projections. For example you can consider the crisscross projection of blocks from the walls to make a container like structure for installing TV and other electronic gadgets. Similarly the designers can think of making an embedded cabin on the wall which extends all along its length. With a flat and spacious top and cabin with doors, you can get enough room to use it for storage. This will obviously give more room for your furniture and fixtures. This sort of design and structure can be sued for living room and drawing room. The luxury homes at Port royal have embodied many such features for enhancing the aesthetics and functional elements.

Floor Plan Design

The design of floor plan is said to be the foundation on which the functional and aesthetic features of your home are based By optimizing this design, the architects can bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms in a single floor or ground and first floors, depending on the overall of single or multistory home.

  • The points of elevation at the exteriors play an important role in shaping the architectural features. The same factor helps in shaping the floor designs of the interiors. The designers at Port Royal use a combination of elevations like the porch style, columnar style, stone works window styles and others. Based on the angle of elevation at each level, they are able to distinctly make each home luxurious by nature.
  • Wall designs are seen as the basic elements for providing external protection and interior decoration. At the Port Royal homes you can get to see a perfect combination of wall, windows and door designing to allow maximum flexibility of movement, safety and design aesthetics. They are eventually connected with floor designs to complete the ground works.