How to Download YouTube Videos Using iTube

YouTube has been developed to just allow customers to stream and watch videos on their site. Most customers want to install or save their dearest YouTube videos to their computer so they can stream them without the internet connection or on other devices. Some footsteps are mentioned below, follow them to stream and download YouTube videos on your computer or other devices for free of cost. You can use Download iTube to download YouTube vudeos.

Nowadays, several sites that permit you to enter the URL of the video you desire to store on your computer and get a link to install the video file. There are few easy footsteps mentioned bellow you need to follow them to download YouTube videos on your computer.

1)Primarily, move to the YouTube and search for your favourite video that you want to download. When you will find the page, push Ctrl + L button given on your keyboard to emphasize the note in the address bar, and press Ctrl + C for copying the internet address.

2) After copying this link address, stick that copied address into the script place under clicking entrance the box and pushing Ctrl + V. Then, push on the video download option. Checkout iTube iPhone which I have shared with you


If the script branch or video download option isn’t perceptible or push able, you may also type in front of any YouTube address.

3)Push the download video in browser URL under the box named “Download the app and your video” box. If the link is not visible necessarily, wait for the couple of minutes and it should be appeared.

Applying the above link will permit you to install a YouTube video for free. If you find any advertisement that says you to pay money for download just ignore it.If, You’re done completely find a preview of the video format means the format for downloading the video in low or medium quality. ok

How to Download YouTube Videos on Other Devices:

You can now also download the videos with much clarity in HD resolution by using different sources such as; Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and with the help of built-in video player, you can also play them with the same quality.

Such high files also have the capability to download videos in such a way that can easily get fit on Android phones and iOS devices.

This method provides you with fast access and great quality speed by only one click you need to select the class in which you want to play the videos or save them. You can also make these save videos compatible with most of the smartphones and iOS phone.

How to Transfer Videos:

  1. Just in one click, you can transfer music files and videos to your smartphones and iOS devices.
  2. You can also transfer data of music and videos present on the desktop of the Mac to your Android phones and iOS phones.
  3. And this wonderful feature can quickly rebuild and manage your library of iTunes.

Primary Key Features of Transferring File to Android and iPhone:

  • It can easily convert downloaded videos in such a way that they become compatible to use and watch in other devices.
  • They are incredibly simple and easy to use.
  • The FLV/MP4 player and management system are very convincing and natural.
  • The multi-threading allows you to download quickly and fastly.
  • You can also export the videos from the iTunes library.
  • From the Que present, it also supports the multiple video files.