Challenges of Church Ministry- both in-out the Church

The Clergy or the Church Ministry work independently. The clergies are never accountable to anyone so they have to face lot of challenges with themselves as well from their own families, from the church members and for their extended types of work they have to do. There are two types of clergies who work for less hours as there is no accountability and the other types is the workaholic group who engage themselves for more than 70 hours of job. Stress is also a challenge which the church ministry has to face due to various types of activities they have to be involved in. Thus to manage the entire show with a much professional outlook Martinson proposed the power of Clergy Coaching.

Clergy Coaching

Why does the Clergy Coaching works?

Martinson feels that a mentor through a systematic process can channelize someone for a much better understanding leading to much professional execution of work.

Whoever attends the clergy coaching program has a conscious dream like to do their work in a best possible way. The process of coaching helps the pastors with many new discoveries which the coach and the person taking the coaching never ever thought before. The coach helps the clergy to extend his boundaries of work. Clergy coaching helps the pastors to identify that in which section he requires better learning. This will help the pastor to sustain well in the ministry of Church.The most brilliance of the Coaching program is that a trained pastor can train a person only through the use of phone calls which is affordable and accessible.

Areas of Coaching

Areas of coaching are not limited. It depends on the following:

  • To deepen ones spirituality
  • To understand one’s own intelligence required for exploration
  • To build one’s own leadership qualities with adaptive abilities
  • To develop one’s own life and ministry which will help to stay in the
  • To enhance ones vision and focus.
  • To help the church in some mission
  • Should learn to give way the leadership
  • Should develop net line leadership
  • Let’s not micromanage
  • Preaching should be prioritized
  • Allow the church to grow in size and complexity in order to give allow the pastors role to change
  • Should know well how to be accustomed to conflict, to manage the conflict and grow with conflict
  • Grow courage and to take risk
  • Protecting ones integrity
  • To be humble and to be servant leadership
  • Should live a healthy and dignified life.

Clergy Coaching

To keep certain things in mind about clergy

While undergoing the Clergy coaching never forget:

  • Clergy coaching gives aspiring goal for one self and ministry.
  • Helps to believe what one can do.
  • Always expect the best from oneself and should fulfill it.
  • The Clergy coaching will surely help to generate some action steps that will only work for that particular pastor
  • The coaching will help the clergy to move forward in a systematic and stress fewer manners.
  • Always helps to feel happy during any positive results.

The Clergy coaching system has no authority. It is very confidential