Benefit of eating garlic

There are now many different views about eating garlic on the stomach and we often hear that this is a home recipe of our grandmothers, but it is a very effective fact that it preventing and treating many diseases. Garlic is good for pregnancy. Read The truth about crash diets after pregnancy

Why eating garlic is good for your stomach?

Several studies of garlic properties have shown that eating garlic makes the stomachstrong and powerful antibiotic. It is more effective when eaten before breakfast, where the bacteria exposed and cannot protect themselves from the effect of garlic.

Many people who suffer from high blood pressure, they found in the intake of garlic what alleviates the symptoms of this disease. It also prevents heart problems and helps to improve the functioning of liver and well the bladder functions. Garlic is also effective to relieve gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea. Some people claim that taking it on the saliva is good for the nervous system.

At the same time, garlic is an effective way to relieve many stomach problems. It stimulates digestion and appetite and helps to control the tension, which prevents the production of gastric acid, which usually produced in nerve tension.

Garlic and alternative medicine:

Garlic is one of the strongest food to help detoxify the body by alternative medicine. Experts in this branch of medicine insist that garlic is very strong in the elimination of parasites and worms and that eating garlic prevents the occurrence of diseases such as typhoid, diabetes, depression, and some cancers.

Other benefits of garlic

It is truly amazing in preventing and treating TB, pneumonia, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, lung congestion, and whooping cough.

Garlic should taken in the following manner:

Eat a whole slice of garlic daily; divide it into several parts until it eaten in other ways. It is best to have a little red garlic in the oven, and you can make sauce with yolk and oil. In this case, you should avoid boiling this sauce so as not to lose much of the medicinal garlic properties.

If you have any type of bronchial disease, you can make a special drink. You will need only 200 g of garlic, 700 g of refined sugar, 1000g of water. Drink three teaspoons of this drink daily.